About Carson Entertainment

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Garry Carson, born and raised in Colorado, Garry Carson started performing magic at the early age of eight years old. Becoming professional by the time he was fourteen. His interest in the art of magic led him to perform for many fundraising events, clubs, and his educational School Program, “Knowing the Magic Words” throughout the Midwest all before graduating from high school.

Working hard to perfect his magical talents, at the age of 25 Garry was chosen out of hundreds of magician’s worldwide, to open the new MGM Grand Casino & World’s Largest Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The six-month contract was held over for 2 ½ years, performing twelve shows a day, hitting a world record of over 8,000 shows.

You will not see a Magician and an assistant jumping in and out of props. You will witness, two performers working together as a team. Garry combines his magical talents with partner, his beautiful wife, Mihaela Carson.

Mihaela Carson may have gotten entertaining in her blood from an early age growing up in Romania, due to her father being a musician in his early adulthood and her mother as an actress. Mihaela had dreamed of being on stage in a magic illusion show after watching David Copperfield on TV at a very young age.


Mihaela started young preparing her self for the world of entertainment by getting involved in gymnastics, martial arts, and dance classes. Speaking and understanding four different languages, has made Mihaela’s past eight years traveling round the world an incredible experience.