Justin Moore's Pledge To Do WHATEVER IT TAKES

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Thank you for your support to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Saline County! We are grateful for your generosity and help in furthering our mission.

Each year the Saline County community has been faithful to support the Club at our Fall Fundraiser featuring Justin Moore. The funds raised from this annual gathering help the Club tremendously. Our kids and parents count on the Club to offer quality after-school and summer care and we count on YOU to be able to deliver these services.

Sadly, due to COVID-19, we cannot gather with the Club's closest friends and supporters in the gym with Justin Moore during this time. Together, we can still make a difference in Saline County by pledging to do WHATEVER IT TAKES. Your gift will allow us to continue impact the youth of our community. 

There are several ways to pledge your support:

GOLD LEVEL: $1,000

· Site visits to businesses or families to highlight and interview them. Our Club members will conduct and film the interview on why you took the pledge to do WHATEVER IT TAKES and why you continue to support the Club. Interview videos will be posted to social media. 

· Recognition in Quarterly Newsletter 

· Receive 5 BGCSC/Justin Moore t-shirts



· Recognition in Quarterly Newsletter 

· Receive 3 BGCSC/Justin Moore t-shirts



· Receive 2 BGCSC/Justin Moore t-shirts


 GREAT FUTURES CLUB: Ongoing Monthly Donation

· Receive 1 BGCSC/Justin Moore t-shirts

PERSONAL PLEDGE: Pledge amount of your choice.



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