Adult Behind The Youth / Business Behind The Youth

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Dear Supporter,
You are a HERO. You CAN change the world.  Thank you for considering supporting area youth through our Adult Behind the Youth and Business Behind the Youth programs.
Our fees are low but even so, some familes are unable to afford them.  You help us ensure that no child is ever turned away and all young people have the ability to access our programs.  Thank you.
Here is an example of just one child who can benefit from your generosity.
Imagine a small boy in second grade who has always wanted to play basketball. One day his father brings him to the Boys & Girls Club and registers him for the co-ed basketball season and he is so excited.
He goes to team practices and starts to play in his games. He is always happy and constantly has a huge grin on his face. As he runs up and down the court, he has to use one hand to hold up shorts that came from his older brother and are a little big. With his other hand, he pushes his glasses back up his nose as they slip down. He doesn’t make a single basket the entire season, but he is as happy and proud as if he had won every single game for his team. He is living his dream.
His family is there to see him play every week and even his father comes to games. This gives him the opportunity to develop a relationship and bond with his father in a way they have never been able to do before.
Imagine this story without YOU. The little boy never has a chance to fulfill his dream to play basketball. He does not get the opportunity to be part of a team and learn life-skills that come from involvement in team sports. He and his father never get the chance to develop a relationship and the little boy grows up with a huge void in his life.
Your contribution can do this for another child. You can change their world and your own. Please give to our Adult and Business Behind the Youth campaign and give a child the gift of all our entire Club can offer to their life; sports, art, literacy, academic support, social recreation, and character development.
Please be their hero. Please change the world.
Donate today to enable a child who cannot access the Club to benefit from all we have to offer

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