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In an effort to provide secure online transactions for our customers, EZ SiteLaunch Presents Secure Online Giving.

Accept online payments for a variety of needs
Are your donors asking to donate or register online? You can easily integrate custom microsites into your site and provide secure, real-time payment processing and registration with our Secure Online Giving Payment System.

Unlimited Online Fundraising and Registrations 
Your guests and donors will enjoy the convenience of registering online, and you will enjoy the time savings. Create uniquely branded microsites, for every event, registration, store, auction or donation platform your non-profit wants to run. Manage all of these events and registrations online with one secure central web based application. No event fees, no per registrant fees and no transaction fees, it’s all included with your low monthly fee. Run as many events as you want, raise as much money as you can. Take advantage of this amazing fundraising application, which includes:

  •        Unlimited Events
  •        Unlimited Registrations
  •        Unlimited Donations
  •        Unlimited Auctions/Stores
  •        Unlimited Registrants
  •        Custom Forms
  •        Custom MicroSites
  •        Reports
  •        Manage All Fundraising Activities Online

All secure transactions are encrypted by a "GoDaddy" security certificate, one of the most established Certification Authorities worldwide, ensuring that the security of your data and your contributors' donations are protected.

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Effective July 1, 2013. As of this date we can no longer provide manual credit card conversions through Secure Online Giving due to compliance issues and the process by which we secure individual donor information and billing details. As a result, all Secure Online Giving charges are now going through EZ Pay – our real time transaction system. The way EZ Pay works is that all of your charges will go through in real time, no logging in to retrieve credit card numbers anymore. They go through our system and the following month you will be sent the amount of your money collected less 7.5%. We will contact you to get bank information so we can direct deposit this money directly into your account. If no transaction is made you simply won’t get any money deposited. There are no additional fees.

We greatly apologize for this but it’s in the best interest of everyone involved and the protection of your donors. We understand the 7.5% rate will seem high to you all but please understand that we don’t get non-profit rates and this is simply covering our costs. We are in the process of working on integrating PayPal to Secure Online Giving to give you another option and we are also working very closely with a merchant bank that works with a lot of you already to get your own merchant bank account which will get you rates that are much lower. We are working with that bank to call each and every one of you to discuss this option. If you’d like to go to the top of the list, please let us know and supply your specific contact information so we can have them call you as soon as possible.

Again we apologize for this action that had to be taken, but be assured your donations are being handled and will ultimately get to you via check.

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